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We provide Global Legal support to many law agencies, Govts, detective agencies from Dubai to Norway
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Legal Document Translation

Every business these days is in a way becoming a global phenomenon , and an increasing number of marketers establishing trade contacts in different markets across the world the need for legal documentation in various languages is paramount. Semantics has a specialized setup for legal documents translation services. As the name suggests, this service is concerned with translation of legal documents into your target language. Legal documentation cannot be ignored as they are inherent to any commercial operations either locally or internationally.

Semantics, gauging the needs of current marketing and commercial trends has established a team dedicated for legal translation services. Our team of experts are not only thorough in different languages but also in legal terminologies. We offer or services in areas of international law, maritime law, corporate law, insurance law, commercial law, contract law, tax law, criminal law, and property law. These are broad areas of our legal services.